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I was born and raised in Southbury, a small town in the southwest corner of Connecticut.  Went onto study at Western Connecticut State University, studying secondary education with an emphasis in Spanish before journeying to Madrid to master my love of Spanish. 


Called Spain my home for 6 years. Traveled extensively throughout Europe and northern Africa, taking in cultures, their food and art.

My family lives along the California Delta, with miles of waterways that dissect rich agricultural farmland and vineyards.  The vantage point from our home showcases Mount Diablo.  Our surroundings have influenced and inspired what I paint.

I am fortunate to have several passions in my life - family traveling, fitness, and art.  Each one gives me inspiration for the other. Together, they are who I am.  


For me, expressing myself on canvas is an emotional experience and allows me to communicate in ways that words simply cannot.  I love that the same painting can have a different meaning for each individual.

I'm praying that what God has put in my heart becomes work that stirs the soul.

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