Recommended supplies (These are suggestions. Please don't feel obligated to purchase every item on this list):

1) Paints - Professional/artist acrylic grade.  Colors - your choice (bring colors you use).  Colors I gravitate to:

    - Cadmium yellow light

    - Indian yellow

    - Cadmium orange deep

    - Cadmium red light

    - Naphthol crimson

    - Alizarin crimson

    - Carbazole dioxazine violet

    - Phthaolo turquoise

    - Indanthrone blue

    - Ultramarine blue

    - Yellow green

    - Fluorescent pink

    - Fluorescent magenta

    - White gesso - Utrecht professional 

2) 1 sheet 140lb or 300lb cold press watercolor paper 22x30" (paint a thin layer of gesso & let dry; bring flat)

3) 6 small canvas panels (8x10" or 9x12"; paint a thin layer of gesso & let dry)

4) 4  larger canvas panels (12x16"; paint a thin layer of gesso & let dry)

5) Paint brushes

    - 1" or 2" flat brush (soft bristle) along with your favorite brush

Most important:  bring the fun! 

Materials for "Into the Abstract" Workshop